How much am I charged as a parent?

Book a Minder who is bringing their kid(s): $23 /hr
*Motherhood takes no connecting fee. Service is absolutely FREE, as we’re all about Mummas helping Mummas!

Book a Minder without kids at the job: $26 /hr
*Motherhood takes a $3 /hr fee

Public holidays: $35 /hr

NYE + NYD: $55 /hr

Recurring Jobs
To post a recurring job to the job board there is a one-off $5 fee to Motherhood. The ongoing rate should be negotiated with the Minder. Recurring job payments to Minders are not processed through the app, the Minder should be paid directly. We recommend a minimum of $23 /hr.

How much can I earn as a Minder?

For single jobs: $23 /hr

Public holidays: $32 /hr

NYE + NYD: $52 /hr

For recurring jobs:
This is to be negotiated between the Minder and Parent. Note: Payment to Minders for recurring jobs are not processed through the app.