Becoming a Minder on Motherhood is a rewarding way to look after adorable kiddies, create relationships with the incredible mums in our community and make money while doing it. If you’re keen to fill up your schedule as a Minder, one of the best ways to do it is by recording a short video of yourself so that families can see your personality and energy.
Motherhood will then promote across our social network and newsletter as a way to feature you as one of our Minders and encourage local families to book jobs with you.
Kerra and Emily received dozens of inquiries after their videos were promoted by Motherhood, and both of them booked jobs with tons of new families!
So here are a few tips to make a video that can help you achieve the same results:
1. Be your natural lovely self! Your video doesn’t need to be rehearsed or written out, but a few bullets may be helpful.
2. Turn the phone in the horizontal position before filming and keep the focus close up on you (i.e. on your head and shoulders as opposed to your whole body).
3. Ensure there’s sufficient lighting and stand around a meter in front of a background that’s not distracting.
4. Introduce yourself (no last names please) and say that you’re a Minder on Motherhood App as well as the area in which you live.
5. Provide a brief description of your child minding experience and/or why you love looking after kids. Your profile should include your skills and certifications, so this can be a great place to show off your personality.
6. You can also share your favourite Motherhood experience so far or what you love most about being part of the Motherhood community.
7. End with something along the lines of “looking forward to meeting you and your family soon!”
8. Keep it short – your video should be 30-60 seconds!

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